Accessibility Statement

Heidrick & Co. Insurance is committed to making its website accessible to people with disabilities.  Our goal is to deliver a web experience that is aligned with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

To ensure a seamless user experience for all our customers, current efforts are focused on delivering digital experiences that:

  • Are compatible with commonly used screen readers
  • Have full keyboard operability
  • Communicate all necessary information without dependency on color
  • Ensure video accessibility

This is a journey to which we will forever be committed as we value each visitor that takes the time to navigate our website.

Should you have an issue, please contact us by any method listed below. We will get back to you shortly to make sure your needs are met.  Additionally, we will ensure that proper steps are taken to avoid encountering the issue in the future.

Please contact us by any method below.


Please direct any web accessibility issues to Holli Martin at (239) 579-0660. 


Please email us at [email protected].


Please go to our Contact page on this website and complete the Contact Us form.